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I thought you would like to know what I have been up to on the Sterling Heights city council.  First, let me thank you for the priveledge to serve.  I will always be grateful for your help.  Below are a few highlights of my first 6 months.
  • November: I hosted my first coffee talk with constituents.  It was an opportunity for residents to express their views on the city.
  • December & January:  I worked hard to make sure Sterling Heights participated in a multi-city study on how we could combine fire department services in an attempt to both enhance services and share costs.  Sharing fire services could help us afford better equipment, better training, and better coordination of services with neighboring municipalities.  However, I made it clear that I will not support anything that decreases emergency response times or decreases service quality.
  • February:  Worked on quite a few tax abatements that will help bring new jobs to Sterling Heights.
  • March:  Celebrated the launch of the new Chrysler 200 at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, which was slated to close because of the great recession.  This plant and the paint shop are responsible for nearly 5,000 jobs in Sterling Heights....WOW!  Also supported the purchase of road construction equipment, which will utilize new technology in repairing pot holes.
  • April:  During new business, I asked city management to look into creating a new ordinance on how we can ensure quality from private city contractors.  Since the great recession, the city has been forced to reduce employees, which requires us to hire more private contractors.  This may require private contractors to use certified skilled workers, who have the training to perform high quality work.  I would rather pay a little more up front for better quality and a long lasting product instead of paying much more in the long run for shoddy work.  I also asked the city to look at what our private contractors pay their employees.  Sterling Heights has benefited from employers paying fair wages.  I do not want city tax dollars going to support companies who pay unfair wages.  In America, if you work hard then you don't have to live in poverty.  My grandparents started off working in unskilled jobs but earned a fair wage so that they could raise their family.  City management is supposed to report back to city council in a few months on what options we have to address both quality work and fair wages from our private contractors.  Here is a link to my speech on the issue at the council meeting:

Crain's Detroit Business recently awarded me with their 40 under 40 award. To view the article, please follow this link: Crain's 40 under 40

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